28 Days of Character Development

Hello again! It’s been a little while since my last post, I’ve been struggling since then with much the same things as I’ve already posted about and don’t feel the need to go on about again. My next chapter is progressing slowly but steadily to completion and I hope to have it up in a week or less, but don’t quote me on that. In the meantime I’ve decided to join my fellow blogger Elspeth on a wee challenge.

Basically you, my most treasured reader, send me a character prompt i.e. a question about Adrian (his background, his motivations, hypotheticals even) and I will answer one a day for each day of February. Now I’m going to be doing the same prompts as Elspeth and vice versa so be sure to check out her most excellent blog if you aren’t already an avid reader (we share quite a few readers I believe) at this link that follows that is definitely a link even though this layout doesn’t highlight them in any way!

Elspeth Aurilie

This challenge will doubtless help to improve my blog as well as, hopefully, throw up some interesting tidbits about Adrian so do either comment or drop me an email if you’re shy ;] at danny_clarke1@hotmail.com.

This should be…interesting.

Edit: It seems that I shall be joined in this endeavour by two more fellow bloggers, Pyrelle: author of The Misadventures of Zander and Kit: author of An Orc’s Life. Both fantastic writers that I enjoy very much and I can’t wait to see the outcome!

3 comments on “28 Days of Character Development

  1. Pyrelle says:

    What is the most important thing that Adrian is looking for in life?

    Spending a lot of time with Faendal has there been any awkward situations between the two?

    Who is a better cook Faendal or Adrian?

    Does Adrian truly love Ysolda or has Mariahs’ seductive nature swayed his heart too much? And will he tell Ysolda about Mariah?

    Adrian and Faendal have grown quite close as friends what would happen should a woman join their adventure and eventually come between them?

    Would it become another love triangle the likes of Sven and Faendal or do you think they would be able to work through it?

    Did someone remember to feed Timothy?

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