28 Days…: Day 1 – General Bio

This is the first in a series of 28 daily (hopefully) posts, it’s simply a general bio of Adrian, along with a few tidbits thrown in for good measure. It really helped me to actually confirm some details of my character, his age and date of birth for example and I hope it allows you a further glimpse into Adrian’s life and character. There is a minor Day XI spoiler in the “friends/acquaintances” section at the bottom of the post, but I assume that, if you’re reading this, then you’ve read Day XI. If not, why not?! Again, if you have any questions about Adrian or character prompts, either comment below or email them to me at danny_clarke1@hotmail.com.

Full name: Adrian Caro
Race: Imperial
Date of Birth:  1st Sun’s Dawn 4E 170
Age: 31

City or town of birth: Cheydinhal.
Languages spoken:  Cyrodilic.
Job/work : Huntsman primarily, although he also does odd jobs to supplement.
Factions:  None as of yet, although he does consider himself a loyal subject of the Empire still.
Skills: Archery, tanning, fairly intelligent and well-spoken.

Current Residence:  Faendal’s House, Riverwood.

Height: 5’10”

Face: A fairly typical Imperial, not altogether displeasing to look upon, although a little rough round the edges, as one might expect of a man who’s live most of his life travelling. Could do with smiling a little more often.
Figure/build: Lean and strong.  

Eye color:  Brown.
Skin color: White.
Tattoos: None.

Scars:  Two on his left cheek, the smaller one from a particularly spirited session in the practice yard with his father and the larger I shan’t divulge just yet.
Piercings:  None, an nasty infection that occurred when he was younger and his childhood Redguard friend Sael offered to do it for free has entirely put him off the idea.
Preferred style of clothing: Plain furs that keep him warm when he’s out in the wilderness and a comfortable jacket and trousers for when he retires with a book by the fire. 

Personality: Warm and kind, he believes strongly in common decency and always tries to do what he thinks is right, even if it doesn’t always turn out that way. Despite his generally genial nature however, when a subject that he is passionate about is involved e.g. the Empire or Talos worship, he has been known to act somewhat rashly and ill-tempered, which most deem to be quite out-of-character for him. 

Likes:  Exploration (particularly of the countryside), Nord ale, reading, singing a good hunting song, cooking and last but certainly not least enjoying a tankard of ale in a Skyrim tavern and all the banter that comes with it.
Dislikes:  The Thalmor (of course), Emperor Titus Mede II, cunning and manipulativeness, excessive bureaucracy.
Fears/phobias: The Thalmor (of course), commitment, staying in one place for too long, horkers. 

Parents: Mariana and Septimus Caro, both presumed deceased. 

Sibling:  None.

Significant other/s:  At the present he is “seeing” Ysolda of Whiterun, although he hasn’t had the best of luck with women in the past and is determined to take this relationship slowly lest he be stung again.
Friends/Acquaintances:  His closest friend at present is Faendal of Riverwood, a natural friendship as they share the same interests and general outlook on life. Faendal is definitely the ‘nerd’ of the duo, if that is the best term. He has lived in comparative solitude for his entire life and therefore lacks Adrian’s social ability. An example of this is when they came across the Hot Springs Camp at Eastmarch, Adrian jumped straight in and got along well (a little too well perhaps) with its inhabitants, whereas Faendal was a lot more aloof, preferring to sit out and even managing to butt heads with someone within hours of meeting. They strike a good balance though and I can see them being fast friends for a long while yet.

18 comments on “28 Days…: Day 1 – General Bio

  1. “A fairly typical Imperial, not altogether displeasing to look upon, although a little rough round the edges, as one might expect of a man who’s live most of his life travelling. Could do with smiling a little more often.”

    Love this and the comment about getting along with people at the hot springs.

  2. Pyrelle says:

    Good bio, you might want to think about making it an official page on your blog. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings I am going to have to think of more questions!

    • adantur says:

      Good suggestion, I might do just that, without the spoiler of course. I must admit I’m looking forward to digging a little deeper into my character too and seeing what everyone else comes up with. I don’t think I’ve asked Zander a question yet, I shall have to rectify that post haste!

  3. kitdoctor says:

    Nice details. I was pretty sparse with mine. I guess I need to think more on this haha.

  4. kitdoctor says:

    I know there is no PETA in Skyrim, but has anyone ever objected with Adrian’s profession as a hunter?

    What made Adrian want to become a hunter? Necessity? Enjoyment? Something else?

    What does Adrian think of the people of Skyrim? Being from Cyrodil, he must be used to a more sophisticated type of person (on the whole) than who he encounters in Skyrim.

    Is there anything or anyone that Adrian misses from his former province of Cyrodil?

    • kitdoctor says:

      I also forgot to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Adrian as well.

      • adantur says:

        That’s an odd one because, in Adrian’s universe, it isn’t his birthday, I didn’t realise when I gave him a birth date that it was his birthday pretty much the next day. I’m sure he’ll thank you anyway though!

  5. There’s a lot of great detail here! I wish I’d thought of all this stuff.

    • adantur says:

      Thank you. I’ll be honest, a lot of these details I thought of as I wrote this post, months after I started writing about Adrian. In retrospect I should have done something like this back then as this has helped clarify things no end but we live and learn I suppose.

      • kitdoctor says:

        Man, I agree with you here. If I ever do any other type of writing like this, I’m going to make it a point to establish my character, and his background first.

  6. wilvarin1980 says:

    Oh, I like him ^_^
    Nice and detailed profile!

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