A New Year, A New Start etc…

2012 hasn’t been a particularly eventful year in my life, I finished my first year of university with a high grade but apart from that, not much has happened. For this blog however, 2012 has practically been the making of it. I published my first post on the 31st October 2011, a short piece of my mind on AI you can read here, if you’re curious. This blog didn’t truly kick off until the 13th August though, the day of the first ever ‘A Nomad in Skyrim’ post. Before that date I had 225 views, since then I’ve had 1526!! I’ve already waxed lyrical about my inspirations and motivations in my “One Thousand and Counting” post. This post, on the other hand, is all about improvement which is why I would very much like your help.

I’m having a lot of fun writing about what Adrian gets up to in Skyrim and, I believe at least, that the quality of the posts have improved by and large since the stories inception. There are a couple of things that I’d like to seek a reader’s opinion on however, such as…

  • The posts have increased considerably in length, Day I was under 1000 words while Day XII was 3000! Is this a good thing, in terms of readability and story?
  • What do you think of the writing style in general?
  • Are there any possible improvements you would suggest to either the format of the blog or the content itself?

Even if you’ve only dropped in and read one or two posts, feel free to leave a comment, don’t be too nasty though or I may cry (inside).

Besides all that, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year and a rich and bountiful 2013!

Adantur out.

8 comments on “A New Year, A New Start etc…

  1. I always say err on the side of being concise, but your writing is clear and your details are often poetic so so longer posts don’t feel long at all.

    My suggestion would be that if you plan to develop Adrian as a character with a backstory and flesh out the relationships he forms, you’ve got to give him some flaws/conflicts. It’s clear that he has baggage, but I think you need to figure out how his past experience affects his personality and the way he relates to people.

    • “figure out how his past experience affects his personality and the way he relates to people”

      Even more so than you have already. I think the way he felt about Ysolda and the guilt over Mariah is a great start.

  2. adantur says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I do try and trim my writing down sometimes but I like words too much, I can’t seem to let them go.

    You’re other remark was spot on, I’ve actually been thinking hard about how to flesh Adrian out more, seeing as that’s the road I seem to be going down now. I might take a leaf out of your book and crack out the coloured pens and paper!

    • I really need to hit the posterboard. I need to figure out how I am going to structure the original, parallel quest I introduced in my last chapter with the rest of the story. I’ve got some idea, but if I don’t nail it down soon, I am going to write myself into a corner.

  3. Pyrelle says:

    I think 3000 words is good but the way you write you could go longer and it wouldn’t hurt anything. I think Els made all the points that need to be made.

  4. Jake Elliot says:

    I agree with everyone’s above stated perspective. You are given wise counsel from talented writers.

    I’ll be the devil’s advocate for the benefit of a counter-argument. My position may very well be jaded because my career is writing. As a writer, I read a lot of things, be it research, news, my publicist’s marketing assists, and other author’s books for sought praise and/or comment—when I do have time to read all the people I want to read, ie. everyone here who has previously posted– I just want a quick fun read.

    The longer the manuscript, the more a tired reader tends to skim. It is one of the bigger reasons I keep my story installments around 1,000-words. Consistency and accuracy if far more important than size, ask any woman, lol.

    Take my advice with a grain of salt, Your other allies also made valid points. I’m only offering what is working very well for me. Pave your own way–it will surely be respected.

    • adantur says:

      Thanks a lot for the feedback, I see what you mean about the “quick, fun read.” The primary reason I asked y’all if the posts were getting too long was because a friend of mine, when I asked him if he reads them, replied “…but they’re so long.”

      I don’t think there is too much I can do about the word count in this format, I might think about switching to a different one with shorter installments and less waiting time, perhaps split the days down the middle like I did with days 1, 9 and 11.

      Again, thanks a lot for the advice and I hope you enjoy them, regardless of length.

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