One Thousand and Counting

A particular landmark was struck recently, this blog now has over a thousand views! I’m pretty sure that’s quite a poor stat comparatively speaking but I don’t care, I’m happy in the knowledge that the words I have written have been viewed a thousand times. What often astonishes and sometimes amuses me is the vast range of nationalities that view my blog. Perusing my site stats, as I often do (sad I know), I see that people from the most random places on Earth have checked out my blog. The other day I had a view from Bosnia and Herzegovina (I love that word), oddly enough.  This blog started out as a platform for me to air my thoughts and views, mainly on personal matters and sometimes I’d post opinion-based stuff. Back in those days, over a year ago in fact, views were hard to come by. I had one or two followers, the only one I can remember being Kato Mckracken, who’s posts I have shamefully neglected to read for some weeks now, apologies for that. A big thank you goes to her for encouraging me in those early days with her comments and feedback.

If I had carried on as I was, writing solely about myself and my opinions, I surely would not have 1000+ views by now. The reason for this spike is, of course, ‘A Nomad in Skyrim’. When I first started writing about Adrian’s adventures I thought that it would have a small audience, primarily myself and the few friends I could pressure into reading it. Little did I know of the community of fan fiction writers that now make up a fair portion of my viewership. Bloggers like Lo Zin, The Quixotic Bedhead, KitDoctor, Erica and a few others that I try my damndest to keep up with. One guy that has inspired my blog more than others though is Pyrelle, his was my very first comment on day one of ‘Nomad’ and his ‘Misadventures of Zander‘ was early inspiration for my own writing. The last shoutout, but not least, goes to Elspeth Aurilie.

In the beginning (very biblical) I basically modelled ‘Nomad’, as I have said previously, off of “Living in Oblivion” an Elder Scrolls roleplaying blog that was lighthearted, funny and did a fantastic job of poking fun at the game on which it was based. I, of course, tried to emulate it and I’m not sure how well I managed it to be honest, I guess you guys can be the judge of that. At the time I was busy reading Pyrelle’s blog which, by the by, nailed and continues to nail the more…humourous side of Skyrim role-playing. I started out with a very sketchy backstory written on Notepad for Adrian, but only to help immerse me in the role-playing aspects of the game. I then began reading the very singular story of Elspeth which, with its detailed lore and deep characterisation, inspired me to shift the focus from an attempt at humour to one at a story, the story of Adrian Caro to be precise. In recent posts I have revealed more of his story and, hopefully, given his character and those around him a lot more depth and I intend to carry on in this vein.

Anyhoo this was only supposed to be a brief post, thanks again to all my readers from the US  to Lithuania and thanks again to all those whose blogs I enjoy and seek inspiration from.

Adantur out.

P.S. I expect to be paid for this blatent advertising  ;]

16 comments on “One Thousand and Counting

  1. If you could see the look on my face. Seriously, I am so flattered and moved by this. When I started my blog I had no idea that people would care about, much less enjoy my story so much. To think I inspired someone to take their story in a new and exciting direction–well, that’s the stuff that keeps me going. That and comments and fan art and chocolate.

    • adantur says:

      This shout-out might have been unnecessary considering how often I comment on your posts, but it’s all true, just make sure you never stop!

      Thanks a lot for the comments too, you’re always so prompt, I love it.

      • “just make sure you never stop!”

        I just said to my husband, “I can’t keep doing this! What if stops being good?”

        “you’re always so prompt”

        I’m on-line all day long for work and research and I tire of those things. As soon as I see a new post on someone’s blog, I read it right away because I am always looking for a break.

  2. Erica says:

    1,000 is a big milestone! Congratulations! Here’s to the next 100,000 reads! May they come to your blog in droves.

  3. Pyrelle says:

    WOOOO Congorats on 1000 views, I predict you will see more and more. You are a very talented writer and for you to say I have helped you in anyway is an honor and it made my day. Thank you and keep up the excellent work. You deserve every view and here is to the next milestone of 5000 which should be soon =)

    • adantur says:

      Thanks a lot and I’m glad it made your day, it’s all true! I’m stagnating slightly on day 10 but now that I’ve made a fuss over all the views I’ve got, I’d better crack on.

  4. Gods, I’m probably going to be your next 1000 hits on this post alone. I sat down to write for an hour and I think I got two words out and so came here to deal with my frustration.

    • adantur says:

      Hehe, I love how you say Gods. Knock yourself out, let my kind words inflate your writing ego. Not too much of course ;].

      • There is no risk of my ego getting too big.

      • adantur says:

        Judging from the way you’ve almost torn your blog down over one post I didn’t think there was. I’m of a similar ilk, full of modesty, false or no. Occasionally I wish I could be a little more arrogant, just a little, but then I see someone who is and it does my head in!

      • I’m not without confidence. My problem is that it tends to come later after I’ve put something out there and I look back over when it’s been posted for a couple of weeks. Whenever something is new all I can see are the flaws. I’ve always been like that.

  5. Hi, it’s me. Normally I don’t do this sort of thing but I thought you might find Erica’s response to my new chapter interesting:

    • adantur says:

      I did indeed, thanks very much, it was quite insightful. I never really thought about it, to be honest I was too busy thinking about the dragon and Lydia/Hrongar! Feel free to do that sort of thing again.

      • Erica and I talk about our stories a lot and she knows how much I struggle (in a good way) with how I depict some of these relationships. She’s been very helpful with pulling out things I’ve written and showing me how they might work.

      • adantur says:

        It’s nice that you have someone to discuss these things with, it must be very helpful, not to mention fun, indeed.

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