I’ve Never Completed Skyrim

I’ve had Skyrim for about a year now and I still haven’t completed a single questline. I’m currently struggling through the main quest, fast travelling all the way but, to be honest I’m a little bored. I managed to get through Oblivion’s main quest even though that bored me to tears but, now that I’m not a teenager with nothing better to do, I’m finding it hard to get through it. I’m having loads more fun simply exploring the world and making my own story through Adrian. I may just forgo the main quest entirely and try the Dark Brotherhood (a questline I loved in Oblivion) but yeah…

Is it weird to love a game you’ve never even completed?

5 comments on “I’ve Never Completed Skyrim

  1. “Is it weird to love a game you’ve never even completed?”

    No. And I have a tendency to drag quests out because I love the game.

  2. I only just finished the Companions quest last week. I’m really glad I did though because I love the radiant kidnapping quests. I’m always annoyed when Vilkas has me chasing a family heirloom instead.

    • adantur says:

      Glad I’m not the only one, with Oblivion I raced through the game and completed everything but with Skyrim I wanted to do it slowly with no fast travel etc.. One thing I will say about the game is that it has you going back and forth over extremely large distances a lot, for example, I was just doing the main quest before and was sent from High Hrothgar to Whiterun and then back again just to have a single conversation at each. I adore the landscape and the graphical side of the game but that’s just too much for me.

      I’m currently working on the companions quest, it’s getting to be tough though because my character is so poor in combat, I focus so much on the story and the role-playing aspects I always forget to train and end up being battered by a Falmer or something similarly pathetic.

    • adantur says:

      I completed the companion’s quest, it wasn’t too bad actually, on the whole I quite enjoyed the questline I certainly thought it was better than the Fighters Guild anyway. I got the kidnapping quest pretty soon after but I had to rescue Amren so I wasn’t that into it, I don’t think I’d even spoken to the guy before. I’ve started actually training my skills with the help of Farkas and Vilkas so I’m not getting killed everytime I face more than one enemy so that helps. Next, the Dark Brotherhood I think.

  3. kitdoctor says:

    It wasn’t till I was about 500 hours into the game that I beat the main questline, so I definitely know what you’re talking about. When I first bought the game, I was so flustered at the sheer amount of things there were to do. It was almost a bad thing. Even now, at over 600 hours, I have never even come close to beating the civil war questline. I’m still even finding quests I’ve never played. Skyrim is so voluminous.

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