A Nomad in Skyrim – Introduction / Table of Contents

A Nomad in Skyrim is a blog I have started about one of my Skyrim characters Adrian Caro. The premise is to live in Skyrim largely peacefully, avoiding conflict when possible and doing honest work in order to survive. My inspiration for this blog is ‘Living in Oblivion‘ a blog where the author attempts to live as an NPC called Nondrick in Cyrodil. This blog entertained me for hours and eventually inspired me to do something similar. Now Adrian is not exactly an NPC but he is not an adventurer either and he is certainly not “Dragonborn” or any such nonsense. He is, however, a true character with a story. This story will be revealed in chunks throughout the diary i.e. no long, boring narrative expositions!

I am using a variety of mods to help me become immersed in the world of Skyrim and will post them and links to them on this page…

These mods are vital to the roleplaying experience as they make me need to eat and drink for survival amongst other things. Thanks to all the creative people behind them, without them this blog would not exist.

Even if you have never played Skyrim before you may get something out of this blog so give it a try!

Day I

Day I pt.II

Day II


Day IV

Day V

Day VI



Day IX pt.I

Day IX pt.II

Day X

Day XI pt.I

Day XI pt.II


Day XIII pt.I

Day XIII pt.II

5 comments on “A Nomad in Skyrim – Introduction / Table of Contents

  1. I’m writing Dragon Rising today and invoking the spirit of St. Adantur in hopes that it will be exciting enough! : )

    • adantur says:

      How did I not see this?! I didn’t know I was a saint, try telling my girlfriend that =] I’ve almost finished book one of Elspeth as you well know from my comments and likes, I’ll be ever so sad when I do =[

      • Why sad? I’ve started Book II. I just posted Book II, Chapter Two. I think Elspeth & Co. will be around for a long time. I’m going to walk the dog now so I don’t refresh my page a billion times.

      • adantur says:

        You do that too?! =D

        I’ll be sad because I’ll have to wait more than the time it takes me to click the little arrow at the bottom of the page to read your next post.

  2. […] may contain minor spoilers for people not caught up through the story.  Go read Adantur’s blog, which tells the story of Adrian Caro.  It’s a nice combination of Skyrim role-playing and […]

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