I’m free! …..and bored.

I finished my first year of university a week or so ago and, I have to say, it went by so fast. It’s been a great eight or nine months of my life; I learned to cook (basically), to clean up after myself (occasionally), to do the washing (when I have to) and, above all, I had fun. I don’t believe however, that my liver was expecting the whole experience. From having a few pints in the pub once a fortnight or so to going out every week, sometimes two or three times, is a big step up. But I have to say it’s handled it admirably! Yes there have been a few…shall we say, “messier” nights than expected, the time I only had crackers to eat before going out (big mistake) and ended up being helped up the stairs with vomit on my shirt springs to mind. But, other than a couple of hiccups, it has been a highly enjoyable and unusually sociable year for me.

Allow me to elaborate on that last remark, “unusually sociable”. Before coming to university I had few good friends, I had a fair amount of friends that I would see occasionally or play football with, but only a handful that I talked to regularly and could really confide in. This, I believe, is primarily due to me being a little socially awkward and shy. Which is why, when my new flatmates testified on the contrary, I was surprised to say the least. This is the area I believe I have grown the most in, the ability to talk to people. Before moving away from home I would often hesitate before talking to people I don’t know and occasionally even forgo talking entirely if I could get away with it, but no longer! I am not saying I’m the life and soul now, but my general demeanour has vastly improved and this has allowed me to meet an array of interesting and varied people. Chief among those people are my flatmates.

Without getting all menstrual on you I will just say that I love them and dread the end of next year when we must part ways. Obviously it’s partially a byproduct of living together but I have never had a group of friends like them, and I say “partially” because this doesn’t count for all six of my flatmates, just the four that I will be living with next year. We are a motley group indeed but it seems to work well and this year just would not have been the same without them, I just hope for more of the same next year.

Moving on, I have recently completed my first year so that means exams! There’s not a great deal to say on this subject frankly, it all happened rather predictably. I made a half-hearted attempt at revising for each exam, of which I had three, usually occurring during the last couple of days running up to them and I got through them with positive results (I think/hope). The first was on Systems Analysis & Database Design, a module that is about as interesting as it sounds. This exam went perhaps a little worse than expected but I did well on the assignments so my final grade should be ok. The other two exams, Computer & Networks and Programming, ranged from surprisingly easy to a veritable ‘cakewalk’, so it is fair to say that I am more than pleased with those.

Exam periods are a dreadfully dull time, everyone locking themselves in their rooms revising or pretending to revise whilst actually mindlessly browsing Facebook. In fact, the penultimate night before my final exam I simply thought “feck this” and went out anyway. Revision has never been my forte and when I say this what I actually mean is that I have never attempted to do revision in my life before coming to university. Thus explains my average results in school, I’m just too bloody lazy I suppose, something I urgently need to amend before second year. I managed a little revision this year but, had the exams been as difficult as they are likely to be next time, I doubt I would have done particularly well.

Thus ends my first year of university, pretty much everyone has gone home now so it’s just me and Callum left in the flat. I’m going home tomorrow, something I’m not sure I’m looking forward to. It has to be better than staying here on my own though, the weather has been lovely for the past week and I haven’t enjoyed any of it. My hopes for the summer thus far include…

  • Meeting up with friends.
  • Going to a BBQ.
  • Getting a job/internship (not likely).
  • Going on holiday (depends on getting a job).

The list is bound to expand but I just hope that I don’t spend the summer cooped up inside, I have a few things I need to do before second year i.e. program my own game project, complete the summer work assigned and prepare for the Japanese elective module I’m eighty percent sure I’m taking, but apart from that I would like to get out there a little and have new experiences. One can only hope.

This may be my last post for a while as I don’t think there will be much to do at home in the coming month but I’ll try to post the bits of writing that I’m working on sporadically, no promises though!

Adantur out.



On writing

This will be a much shorter post than usual, just a quick note on my intentions regarding writing a series of short stories on this blog.

I’ve always been an avid reader and was quick to pick it up as a child, I can still remember my glee when being moved onto ‘real books’, so to speak, at about 5 or 6 years. Since then my reading material has changed dramatically and I am, at the moment, making my way slowly through some of the classics, while periodically dipping into a poetry anthology or two (Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Browning, William Blake etc…). Anyway onto the main subject, I have just this moment had an idea, whether it is a good idea we will yet discover, about publishing a few of my writings on this blog. Nothing major, no thousand page epics, just a few short stories and the like.

You see I have, for a good few years now, sporadically attempted writing full-length novels but they never work out. I seem to either simply get bored or it takes me so long that, by the time I read back on my work I find that it is immature and scrap it. I do however greatly enjoy writing and will probably have a lot of spare time in which to do so. This is not a definite thing, just an idea, as I may decide against it due to poor quality or sheer embarrasment at what I produce, but we shall see. Until then…

Adantur out.