A Belated Debut…

It sure has been a long time… Yes it is three and a half months into 2012, high time for my debut 2012 post! I’ve not posted on this blog for a long while for a couple of reasons, one being that I’m lazy, another that I have a busy and fulfilling life.

Oh but I joke!

Life has been a mixture of things since my last post but, aside from a few weeks or so, busy has not really been one of them. It’s just not my style. A quick update on life since my last post would include the fact that my grades have been largely consistent with those from pre-christmas (very good) and that I have, for the first time, witnessed the famous sights of London, England. Last week, in fact, I travelled down south (me living in the north of England) with my lovely girlfriend to see and photograph the oft-photographed delights of our capital city. We took in all the major sights in two or three taxing days of walking and zipping between stations on the underground, not the most comfortable way to travel by the way but most efficient. Expense was kept to a minimum as we stayed at my girlfriend’s sister’s place, without which the trip could not have been possible (muchos gracias to her). We still, however, managed to spend a healthy amount in getting around the city and eating. London, like many other big cities, is an expensive place.

When sightseeing, I found that preconceptions of mine regarding the scale of said sights were mostly exaggerated. Buckingham Palace, ‘Big’ Ben, Nelson’s Column and more, all seemed to me to be much grander when viewed through a television screen. A probable reason for this expectation is the lateness of my visit.  Twenty years, a lot of them spent seeing the various landmarks on television, is a long time before exploring your nation’s capital first hand. Don’t get me wrong, they were most impressive, they just seemed somewhat smaller than expected. On the trip I also revisited an old, not exactly favourite, game of mine called Monopoly. There is surely no board game in the world that can match Monopoly’s skill in dividing friends and family. When your beloved girlfriend of five years damn near bankrupts you and threatens you with interest on that 500 Monopole (the name we decided on the currency (mo-noh-pull)) loan you took out a few turns ago, you know shit is about to go down! Pardon my French.

Anyway I’m getting a little tired now and still have a veritable mountain of work to do before heading back to university on monday so, for now at least…

Adantur out.

3 comments on “A Belated Debut…

  1. Katy Raynes says:

    Reading this made me happy! I’m glad you had a good time with your girlfriend. I’d love to visit London some day!

    On another note, I just love your writing abilities. Sometimes I feel like nobody in the blog world writes well. Are you studying writing in university by any chance?

    • adantur says:

      Aww thank you! I do very much enjoy writing (not that I do nearly enough of it). And no I’m studying Computer Games Programming (software engineering). You should definitely go to London too, it’s marvellous. A small query, are Americans as obsessed with the British royal family and all that lark as I am often told?

      • Katy Raynes says:

        Woah, that’s awesome! Computer Games Programming sounds really cool. You could also easily be a writer!

        I definitely will go to London someday. I’m thinking about studying abroad soon, and London is my first choice!
        And Americans absolutely do find the royal family and British traditions/people fascinating, but in varying degrees. Obsession is pretty rare haha.

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