On life at the moment…

What can I say? Life is good! I think me and my flatmates have reached a kind of zenith in terms of ‘togetherness’, for want of a better word. Even our troublesome flatmate who apparently hates our very existence partook in our exceedingly fun games night tonight. I have never been a popular person and I say that with particular emphasis on the word ‘never’! But, in university and in my flat especially, I feel liked. I have had friends in the past of course, but I saw them only rarely outside of college/school. I suppose I would liken this current feeling as that of high school actually, the final year only to be precise, it has been that long (4 years I think) since I have felt part of a group of friends. It feels great!

Not forgetting my wonderful girlfriend of five years this saturday. I have to say, it really does not feel like five years, when I tell people the most common reaction is that of shock. I suppose it is rare for a pair of teenagers to have been together for five years, not that I’m a teenager anymore… I’ve still not got over that since my birthday the other day, I am not a teenager anymore, it is terrible getting old! My girlfriend has decided to finally stop referring to me as a boy and start referring to me as a man. I’m not sure I like it…

In other news, I went to court today! No, I’ve not commited any crimes, it was just to watch. It felt extremely strange walking into the courthouse though, from being run over with a metal detector at the front door, to seeing an actual trial for domestic violence take place, it felt almost surreal. The very atmosphere in the courtroom itself was disturbing. Staring at the defendant, a rather rough looking young skin-head, I certainly felt a strong aversion to his person despite not having met him. I sincerely hope that I never have to set foot in a courtroom for reasons other than observing, I don’t think I could handle it.

When we returned from the courthouse, rather prematurely unfortunately, we set about decorating the flat for Christmas. Now I have not been a fan of Christmas for a good few years now, it just isn’t the same after your parents split. There’s also the fact that I now receive money rather than huge presents. I remember fondly the Christmas mornings when the whole family would creep down the stairs and the living room door would be opened to reveal an endless sea of presents, waiting to be torn open and played with. Now it is more like a chore to get up early and go downstairs, to be met with a pitiful mound of presents and then having to go to my dad’s house after dinner. Today, however, I felt an excitement towards Christmas that I haven’t felt in a long while, decorating the flat and doing secret santa was thoroughly enjoyable even if I’m not too sure what to get for my choice.

This has been a rather more personal post than I have posted before, there are no references to studies or allusions to science-fiction, just me. I think this may be a rarity so, if anyone reads this enjoy it while you can, or be glad it is so. I am such high spirits lately I simply had to put something down in words, I’m sure that Systems Analysis report that I shamefully neglected to partake in the decoration of the flat will bring me back down a notch however! Until next time…

Adantur out.

One comment on “On life at the moment…

  1. Reading this made me so happy. I’m glad things are good for you! I’m feeling similarly so I could relate to this post. I was at work when I stumbled across your blog, and it made time pass a little faster.

    I really enjoyed the begining when you talked about getting along with your flat mates. I love that feeling of belonging and being a part of a group. Made me smile 🙂

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